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Sunday, January 19, 2014

My books now available...

To purchase the books, please follow the link: . Thank you! ;-) 

                                       © Copyright by: Aisha Baranowska [2013].
                                        © Copyright by: Aisha Baranowska [2013].

Noctem Aeternus - my second anthology - is on sales...

New poetry book is out on sales! Noctem Aeternus - Everlasting Night... Poetry. Book II. is available from Gold Orchid Publishing. To purchase the book, go to the publisher's online store by clicking the link above. Thank you. ;-) 

A.B. ;-)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013

Poetry Book I - official update...

The book is going on sales on the 30th of September. I will be posting link to purchase it once it goes live on - so that you may enjoy the reading... ;-) 

You can also follow my publisher's Facebook page for further details and upcoming events. 

Monday, September 02, 2013

Legal name copyright protected...

© Aisha Baranowska - from now on, I am demanding my name be protected by copyright, due to it being so unique a combination of name and surname, that I know not of any person online or offline whose legal name should be Aisha Baranowska, apart from myself. Therefore, anyone who uses 'Aisha Baranowska' as a nickname or username, on Facebook or any other site, is practically stealing my identity, as that is how I feel about it. So, I appeal to this person (they know who they are) to please kindly change their username if they have not yet done so, because it is quite confusing when someone looks for me online, especially on Facebook, and comes across that profile - which I believe was given away by Facebook moderators/owners/whoever stands behind their policies, as I once had another account and I did not use it for years, I lost access to it because I could not remember the password and e-mail to log in to that account nor to reset the password, so obviously, it was impossible to delete that account. As far as I know, some websites give away abandoned/expired usernames to new users - but that should not be the case with real legal names and Facebook moderators know that people do actually use their real names on Facebook because that is what Facebook was intended for... Thus, I also appeal to the owners/administrators of Facebook, to stop this practice, if that is what they do, instead deleting completely old and unused accounts. In case the person with username same as my name and surname should not act upon my request, I urge the Facebook team to ban that person and suspend their account, and also, to make sure no other individual or group is allowed to ever use my legal name as a username, by simply blocking them from entering 'Aisha Baranowska' as a username as they register with Facebook - which should have been the case when the person in question registered their account, I suppose, and I wonder why it was not so... As 'Aisha Baranowska' is already taken as a username, no one else but myself should be able to use it all over Facebook. If that is not so, then it is an identity fraud and I shall take legal steps against anyone who uses my name as theirs, online and offline. So, please, bear that in mind for your own good. Thank you!

Aisha Baranowska, 02/08/2013

P.S.: This applies to all sites including Blogger and Google in general. Thank you.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Trobar de Morte - Calling the Rain ;-)

My favourite dark folk band was Faun, until I found Trobar de Morte on Youtube - now, I have two favourite bands; Faun and Trobar de Morte. This is my favourite song of Trobar de Morte, as well as another - 'Lost Dreams'. When I listen to 'Calling the Rain' by Trobar de Morte, I have a strange impression of a déjà-vu; it is as if I have previously heard that somewhere long time ago... It brings to my mind the childhood memories... It has an extraordinary aesthetical appeal to me, as well. I just love it, I think it is truly ingenious. :-) I wrote a long poem in Spanish yesterday while listening to this music; it was my inspiration then and it will always be a wonderful source of inspiration to me. ;-)

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Update on the Book... ;-)

My first poetry book... ;-)

Cover Copyright © Jack Goodwin (using stock image by riktorsashen (

FINALLY!!! ;) ;D :D My first poetry e-book is going on sales!!!! ;) :D This is the cover of which credits go to Jack Goodwin, the cover artist. I am pleased to announce the birth of my first ever serious poetical work which will now see the daylight, thanks to the Gold Orchid Publishing... :) If you wish to purchase a copy of the book in Kindle or ePub format, please visit the GOP online store: . 
Greetings! :D

A.B. ;)

Friday, June 28, 2013

Coming soon...

I have had to delete some of my poems from this blog as they will soon be published in one of my very own first few poetry anthologies in English that will be available for sale in form of e-books from Gold Orchid Publishing, as soon as the cover art for the anthologies is ready. I will be advertising them all here on my blog as well as on Facebook. I hope to attract a great audience with these books of mine and I sincerely hope my Readers will enjoy their content. I will remove the rest of my poems from the blog soon, for I intend to make a new poetry compilation titled Dark Oblivion with my latest writings. Soon to come are the following anthologies: Poetry. Book I. , Noctem Aeternus - Everlasting Night. Poetry - Book II. , and - Carpe Noctem .

Friday, June 07, 2013


My love for good music that actually has a great artistic appeal to me, has allowed me to come across this wonderfully talented group from Germany... Faun sings my mind; I just love them and their music. It is so very beautiful...! They are all amazingly gifted musicians and singers, and lovely people, but I have a particular liking for this blond gentleman who plays the harp in this video. His voice and his attractive appearence are simply 'over the moon'... ;-) Oh, yes. If I was to fall in love with a member of this band, that would be him... :-) As to the video itself, I think it it truly ingenious! So well done, so inspiring and so in the ambient of this song - the entire video clip makes a great impression on me as I watch it again and again... This is what I call really good music, made by people who really do have talent, who are not mere entertainers, but instead, they can aspire to the glorious title of artists. I am so much full of sincere admiration for this most extraordinary group of individuals, that I can never express it properly in plain words. Surely, they deserve only the best. They are wonderful and I wish them all success of the world in their career, for they can never get enough acknowledgement for their work. It is simply outstanding. :-) My warmest greetings go to them all and to their families, friends and relatives who surely must be very proud of them. :-) Great people. :-)